The FLSDMDFR is one of Flint Lockwood's failed inventions in the movie Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. It is also hard to pronounce it.


The FLSDMDFR is an invention that Flint thought of at a young age. When his town entered hard times he invented the machine to make food rain from the sky. When showing it to Sam Sparks HE dubbed it the FLINT LOCKWOOD SUPER DYNAMIC MUTATING DIATOMIC FOOD REPLICATOR or for short the FLSDMDFR.

Main perpouse up to destruction.Edit

The main perpouse of the construction of the FLSDMDFR was to make food for the people of Swallow Falls (Later Chew And Swallow). Then people started to make to many requests and put the FLSDMDFR into code yellow. Then the machine finally overloded and gained an A.I (Artifical Intelegence) when the mayor ordered a Vegas Style All You Can Eat Buffet and destroyed the communicator to the FLSDMDFR. So Sam, Flint, Steve, Sam's Camera Man, And Brent went to destroy the device. They discovered that the FLSDMDFR was surrounded by a giant meatball called the Meateoroid. So Flint, Sam, And to Flint's dismay Brent went inside to destroy the corrupted machene. The FLSDMDFR was destroyed when Flint covered the Chow Popper part of the machine with Spray On Shoes( One of flints's other inventions).